New Policies for Walk-In Reservations and GP appointments

Feb 01, 2019

You will now receive an email upon booking both Walk-In Reservations and GP appointments.

For GP appointments: 

If your GP appointment is booked more than 7 days before the appointment you will still receive an automated reminder email 7 days before your appointment which will require you to confirm your appointment via our website or through the link provided on the reminder email.

If you have booked your appointment within 7 days, the appointment is considered confirmed.

If you do not show up for your appointment or cancel with less than 24hrs notice this will result in a fee of $50 being applied to your account. 

For Walk in Reservations: 

You do not need to confirm this reservation.

As walk-in reservations are now non-cancellable, if you do not show up for the reservation, it will result in a fee of $30 being applied to your account. 

Please Note:

All accounts owing must be paid before any subsequent visits at our clinic.

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