We are now offering COVID-19 private pay testing and ‘Fit To Fly’ consultations at Kensington Medical Clinic.

For individuals needing to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, many airlines and travel services are requiring COVID-19 pre-travel certification. The exact certification required varies, but typically a medical doctor must oversee a COVID-19 swab, review the results and confirm in writing that infection is not present

The ‘Fit To Fly’ medical service includes a PCR Swab test undertaken at our clinic as well as a written doctor certification to confirm infection is not present.

To register for a ‘Fit to Fly’ letter, please complete the attached form and email it directly to our office. Please also note if there is any specific required documentation for the flight.

We will then email you 4-7 days before your travel date with a clinic appointment date and time.

On your appointment day, please make sure to arrive on time at the clinic. After we do your nasopharyngeal swab, we will send your swab to a Lifelabs location.

We will do our best to email you the result along with a ‘Fit to Fly’ letter within 3 days. However, while we will do our best to accommodate you before your essential travel, due to factors beyond our control (ie. lab processing time) we cannot guarantee you will receive the result before your travel date. Therefore we are unwilling to accept responsibility or liability if you are denied boarding your flight or entry to your connecting or final destination for these or any other reasons related to your visit, the result of the COVID-19 testing, or the letter you receive from us.

Cost: $395 total – includes $165 COVID-19 swab and $230 “Fit to Fly” note
Please note there is a $80 non refundable deposit required prior to booking

Note: This service is not covered by public funding and is private pay only

*The RT-PCR COVID-19 test is conducted by LifeLabs and is a laboratory validated assay for COVID-19. However, there is no guarantee that the COVID-19 test is 100% accurate.

Fit to Fly note application Kensington Medical Clinic

Do you or any of your close contacts have any of the following symptoms in the last 2 weeks:

Have you had any close contact with anyone with flu like Illness or who has travelled outside of BC in the past 14 days?

Fever or chills

New onset of cough

Worsening chronic cough

Repeated shaking with chills

Difficulty breathing

Sore throat

Difficulty swallowing

Decrease or loss of sense of taste or smell


Unexplained fatigue/malaise/muscle aches

Nausea/vomiting or Abdominal pain


Sinus pain or pressure

Runny nose/nasal congestion without other known cause

Have you been advised to isolate due to Covid symptoms or Covid contacts?

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