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Kensington Children’s Clinic- Information for Patients

Sep 17, 2017

Welcome to the Kensington Children’s Clinic – a consulting practice for pediatric care.

Can my Pediatrician be my Family Doctor?

  • Pediatricians are specialists, not family doctors.
  • They can only see children who have been referred by another doctor, and only when the referral has been made within six months of your visit.

How often do I need a referral?

  • A referral is required every 6 months from a primary health care provider (GP or walk in doctor)
  • If the pediatrician has told you that they will provide ongoing well baby and child care, you must still obtain a re-referral every six months.
  • If your child has a new problem that is different from that seen in the original consultation you need to return to your doctor to get a new referral, even it is less than 6 months in time.

When should I book follow ups?

  • Appointments can only be made within 1 month of your desired appointment date.
  • We ask that you telephone or email 1 month ahead of time to arrange this.
  • If the pediatrician has a long waiting time (ie. months) your child may be placed on a wait-list and then the appointment scheduled 1 month prior to the date. 
  • If following your visit, the pediatrician tells you to arrange a follow up appointment, please be aware of the above listed requirements.

Preparing for your visit

  • To make your visit more efficient we ask that you bring any relevant information, documents or video with you to the visit.
  • In general, pediatricians will be able to address one, or in some cases two, problems per visit. If your child has multiple or very complex problems, please expect to be booked for another visit in order to give them the appropriate time and consideration.
  • In general, if you are not comfortable giving a medical history in English, we require that you bring a translator to ensure your child is given the best possible care.

What should I do with my stroller?

  • Please note the clinic has a policy against bringing strollers inside – this is to ensure clear access to patient rooms in case of emergencies.
  • If you are bringing multiple children to the visit we therefore ask that you bring extra people as required to help – this is especially important in the case of twins or triplets.
  • To accommodate families with strollers, a “stroller parking” area (with a lock) has been created outside the clinic – please ask the clinic staff if you wish to use it.
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